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Classical Chinese DH: Regular Expressions

Classical Chinese DH: Regular expressions¶ By Donald Sturgeon [View this notebook online] [Download this notebook] [List of tutorials] Regular expressions¶ A regular expression (a.k.a. regex or RE) is a pattern to be searched for in some body of text. These … Continue reading

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Regular expressions with Text Tools for

Along with other functions such as automated text reuse identification, the “Text Tools” plugin for can use the ctext API to import textual data from directly for analysis with regular expressions. A step-by-step online tutorial describes how to … Continue reading

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Macbbook Pro 2016 and the curse of the bbroken keybboards

Update June 2018 It’s failed again! It’s no surprise to hear that there have been at least two class action suits filed against Apple about this – it’s evidently a design fault that has not been remedied, and perhaps, given … Continue reading

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