CHinese ANcient Texts (CHANT) update

The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s subscription-based CHinese ANcient Texts (CHANT) website has recently undergone some renovation. The new interface appears to largely follow the layout and functionality of the previous version, although there seem to be a few puzzling changes, such as the omission of source text explanations and lists of emendations, both of which were previously available at least for most texts in the Pre-Qin and Han section. A new feature is the option to display a text with or without the corrections applied to it, by clicking the new “校改” and “原文” buttons.

The site now makes extensive use of Javascript to fetch pages, which can be frustrating as there is no page load indication. A huge benefit of the new site however is that the annotations finally display correctly on browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Coinciding with the change, it has become possible (at least at the institution that I’m based at) to access more areas of the database, though it’s unclear whether this is due to an accidental change, a policy decision, or the library paying a higher subscription rate.

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