Yīntōng: Chinese Phonological Database

Yintong is an online database of characters in the Guǎngyùn 廣韻, a dictionary dating from 1008 C.E., created by David Prager Branner.

The database has the following main functions:

  • Lookup by character, returning information about the fǎnqiè associated with the character, the phonological values represented by those fǎnqiè, and the page number of the Guǎngyùn where that reading appears.
  • Lookup by medieval Chinese reading, returning a list of the other characters in the same xiǎoyùn.
  • Lookup by two medieval Chinese readings, returning a list of any characters appearing in both xiǎoyùn.
  • Lookup by multiple characters, returning a transcription of each character based on the Guǎngyùn’s readings.

Further details: http://yintong.americanorientalsociety.org/html/about.htm.

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